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Valiant TMS Extends Additive Capabilities to Meet Changing Customer Needs

Rob Levesque Senior Marketing Content Manager
Robert Levesque 5월 11, 2023
5월 11, 2023

Adaptation is arguably one of the most essential traits a business should possess. It fosters resilience in the face of setbacks and challenges and promotes agility in responding to a changing business landscape. That, in turn, allows it to capitalize on opportunities that enable it to succeed where other not-so-nimble organizations fall behind. Valiant TMS, a supplier of intelligent production automation systems for major auto and aero manufacturers, is a prime example of that kind of business.

A believer in the benefits of additive manufacturing, Valiant TMS leverages the technology to keep pace with the needs of its customers, an essential ingredient in staying relevant and at the forefront of its industry. Through its Additive Manufacturing Lab, the company has provided customers with manufacturing solutions using metal and polymer 3D printing, including FDM technology.

But in the spirit of fulfilling evolving customer needs, Valiant TMS recently acquired an Origin One printer with P3 technology. The goal in pursuing the Origin One was to provide customers 3D printed parts and tools with exceptional smoothness and surface quality. The Origin One’s speed and broad material availability also influenced choosing the technology. 

Valiant TMS’s story is the subject of one of our latest case studies. It’s a great example of a company using multiple forms of additive manufacturing to keep pace with customer demands, which ultimately helps sustain its success. 

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