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South-Korea (한국어)

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When considering adopting 3D printing – whether for prototyping or production -, which 3D printing technology and process best suits your need and application?

DLP, or Digital Light Processing, is a resin 3D printing technology that is highly suitable for functional prototyping and end-use parts in small to mid volume production as it can produce parts with the same surface quality and accuracy as injection molding techniques.

How does DLP technology – and more specifically P3™ DLP from Stratasys - work in detail? What materials can be used? What are the ideal industries and applications? What advantages does it bring over traditional manufacturing technology?

Watch the webinar-on-demand to hear Tim Downing, Senior Product Manager at Stratasys, explain DLP technology, where in the product lifecycle to consider over other 3D printing technologies, advantages of DLP and P3 technology, and illustrate which applications are successfully produced using the technology.