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Elevate Your FDM Printing Skills with Expert Insights 

Are you ready to optimize your FDM printing process and achieve consistent, high-quality results? Join Shuvom Ghose, a seasoned expert in the 3D printing field, as he shares his knowledge and experience in our upcoming webinar, "The 10 Things You Should Check Before Every FDM Print." 

In this informative session, you'll discover the critical aspects of pre-print preparation that guarantee accurate and precise FDM prints on the first attempt. Shuvom will guide you through essential topics such as: 

- Verifying the model's integrity and watertightness 

- Optimizing print orientation and support generation 

- Fine-tuning print settings based on the model's requirements 

- Validating the slicing process and identifying potential issues 

- Planning for print job completion and post-print handling 

Throughout the webinar, Shuvom will demonstrate how GrabCAD Print and Print Pro simplify and streamline these crucial checks, empowering you to achieve consistent, high-quality FDM prints with confidence. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and take your FDM printing skills to the next level! 

Shuvom Ghose
GrabCAD Software BD at Stratasys

Shuvom is the Software Business Development Manager at Stratasys, leading partnerships for GrabCAD. An aerospace engineer and science fiction author, he has been helping people 3D print for over 7 years.