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Pioneering Mindful Manufacturing™ for a More Sustainable Tomorrow

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Rosa Coblens 3월 27, 2024
3월 27, 2024

Stratasys's unique value proposition lies in our ability to immerse and embed ourselves in our customers' production processes, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional manufacturing."

In an era marked by global challenges, Stratasys is steadfast in its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Recognizing the evolving definition of a sustainable business, we are dedicated to navigating complex environments, acknowledging that financial metrics alone are no longer sufficient.

At the heart of Stratasys's ESG efforts lies 'Mindful Manufacturing™,' a comprehensive strategy aimed at revolutionizing how parts are made, processes are optimized, and products are delivered. This mission encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from aerospace and defense to fashion and automotive industries, ultimately seeking positive impacts on people and the planet.

Stratasys holds a unique position in sustainability, as we are deeply integrated into our customers' production processes. By championing Additive Manufacturing (AM), the company offers a sustainable alternative to traditional methods, presenting opportunities for reduced emissions, diminished waste, and decreased reliance on natural resources.



Securing a healthy enterprise – built to last. 

We walk the talk. Stratasys conducts materiality assessments, engaging stakeholders to ensure meaningful impacts are achieved. We also collaborate with customers, partners, investors, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to align our ESG work, emphasizing high standards of ethical conduct and governance, coupled with significant social impact.

The synergy between Stratasys's business strategy and ESG initiatives is evident in our approach to 'Mindful Manufacturing™.' The company, with the world's most extensive 3D Printing installed base, works towards integrating AM into production practices, fostering an improved circular economy across product lifecycles.

Stratasys measures the environmental impact of its technologies, industry by industry, showcasing the benefits realized by customers, such as in the fashion sector. I personally emphasize the importance of data collection, analysis, and continuous improvement, sharing findings to inspire broader industry advancements.

Beyond assisting and enabling others, through our technology, Stratasys invests in its own sustainability, actively financing and executing continuous operational improvements. The company serves as a role model in the AM industry, demonstrating our ESG commitment and leadership.

Sustainability – It’s a journey. Join us!

Sustainability at Stratasys is seen as a journey rather than a destination. By integrating ESG into product development, pursuing environmental certifications, adopting renewable energy platforms, and redesigning machines and materials, the company aims for advanced and optimized performance. We believe that doing good is good for business, and act according to this principle.

Innovation and sustainability are intertwined pillars of our Stratasys core values and strategy. The company recognizes sustainability as a catalyst for advancements, reducing risk and promoting healthy management of its global enterprise. Stratasys proudly leads the charge in the AM industry, championing ESG efforts with its employees and stakeholders.

As “Team Stratasys” advocates for Mindful Manufacturing™, the company envisions a future where diverse and inclusive practices, top-notch governance, and an unwavering commitment to building a leading company drive business, social, and environmental impact, ultimately paving the way to 3D Print a Better Tomorrow. Join Stratasys on this journey towards a sustainable future.

Mindful Manufacturing™ is not just a strategy; it's our mission to positively impact how things are made, by ADDing Stratasys AM technologies to optimize processes and products for a sustainable future."