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Somos-Dmx-Sl-100 SL material

Somos® DMX SL™-100

Breaking the mold in speed, efficiency and design freedom
Somos® DMX SL™-100 is a durable and tough stereolithography material that enables production of complex, hollow composite parts in days thanks to a unique and cost-effective ‘dry removal’ process - and all with no compromise on quality and aesthetics.

The ‘dry removal’ process enables mandrels to be removed from complex, convoluted geometries after the autoclave without the need for submersion in caustic (which can affect the composite part). Somos® DMX SL™-100 produces very accurate parts with a superb surface finish and outstanding feature detail. Somos® DMX-SL-100 withstands the extreme temperatures of the autoclave process utilized in composites manufacturing, maintaining its flexural strength, elongation and tear resistance.

As a result, manufacturers have more design freedom to create high temperature, cost-effective tools in days rather than weeks or sometimes even months.
Key Benefits
  • check Accuracy
  • check Extreme durability
  • check Greater design freedom
  • check High feature detail and smooth finish
  • check Faster part design


Composite tooling



Healthcare: precision-molded internals for prosthetics

Electronics: bespoke light-weight enclosures, complex wiring looms, robotic components

Automotive & transportation: ducts, pipes and conduits, high-end automotive intake pipes, fluid-holding tanks, electric vehicle (EV) battery cooling solutions


Somos® DMX SL™ -100 Datasheet


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This is also compatible with Large-frame, 355 nm, laser-based open stereolithography printers