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Advance What’s Possible

The ultimate goal of every researcher is to advance their field of study. Research councils are looking to fund projects that span multiple disciplines. Creating prototypes to illustrate findings in vivid detail with realistic 3D models leaves a lasting – and potentially valuable – impression. And that’s just one example of how 3D printing is accelerating the field of research.

impact chris williams

"Voxel Print allowed us to invent new materials much faster than we had planned and opened a door to new possibilities for our research students."

impact joni mici

"Voxel Print gives you 750 billion possibilities for voxels. It's the key to unlocking true manufacturing freedom. It will allow my lab to one day print fully integrated electro-mechanical systems, robots or drones that can fly or crawl out of a 3D printer."

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“With multi-material 3D printing you can deposit multiple materials and add a new capability, which is can transform from one shape to another directly on their own… you completely print this part, and it can transform into something else.”

jack stubbs

"We use 3D printed models for students to practice not only anatomy identification, but also give them combined models where they can actually do some surgical procedures and practice those procedures before they go into an OR or an animal lab."

Shifting Paradigms, 4D Printing Research

A radical shift in rapid prototyping, discover this unique research focusing on self-assembly technologies for large-scale structures in physical environments.

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Experiential Learning, Medical Innovation

The Jacobs Institute, a leader in vascular health, uses patient-specific 3D printed models to improve trainee competencies and patient outcomes.

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Partners You Can Rely On

Stratasys resellers are available to help you bring 3D printing into your classroom or research lab. They partner with you to offer the right solution for your needs.

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3D printing resources

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Breaking the Barriers with FDM

3D printing is not only a valuable design and manufacturing methodology, but a cornerstone of rapid prototyping by providing the tools to streamline and enhance the product-creation process.

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Empower Brilliance

Focus on academic outcomes and research findings instead of worrying about inconsistent color results, rough finishes or messy processes of other 3D printing technologies. The Stratasys J750 is a perfect solution for research centers and labs supporting diverse departments and academic goals.

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Voxel Print: Unlimited Design Freedom

Transform model behavior by programming material placement at the voxel level. GrabCAD Voxel Print provides a new design-to-manufacturing architecture enabling researchers, developers and innovators access to multi-material deposition, orientation and precise control of structural aesthetics.

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Bend the Limits of 3D

Lancaster University explores the next frontier of 3D printing: shape shifting. This creative research center fosters students' design skills to solve real-world challenges while also enabling people and organizations to engage with academia in creative ways.

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Share Your Research

Progress is the hallmark of successful research. In today’s funding environment, that requires building a high profile by attracting collaborators in other departments, institutions, geographic locations — or beyond academia in the corporate world. Share your breakthrough research ideas and raise your profile.

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