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J3 DentaJet 3D Printer

Quality made compact

J3 DentaJet 3D Printer
Tailored for small to medium-sized labs, the J3 DentaJet can produce mixed trays of three materials, including a large quantity of implant models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks, all on the same tray and with unmatched accuracy.

Accuracy and Quality made compact.​

Multi Material

Multi-Material Capabilities

Print up to 3 different resins in a single job, produce what you need when you need it.


Scale production​

Deliver on a wide array of cases with speed and efficiency maintaining high accuracy and quality. ​


Smart workflow​

Leverage GrabCAD to streamline production. Manage multiple Stratasys printers and individual print jobs.​

J5 DentaJet

Fulfill Your Customers' Evolving Needs

Produce accurate implant, orthodontic, and removable models and related applications. Stratasys J3 DentaJet empowers you to deliver on a wide array of cases with speed and efficiency. Load a tray with a diverse array of prints and walk away.

A Dental Solution to Suit Every Need

3d printed implant models


Accurate printing for implantology case production.​
Rigid models, transparent surgical guides, and soft gingiva masks— all on one biocompatible tray — in a single, unattended print job. ​

3D printed removable dental models


Use mixed-tray printing to cut days from your delivery times, as well as reducing your costs. Predictable, repeatable results give you the nimble foundation you need to grow your lab.

3D printed dental crowns and bridges

Crown and Bridge

Manufacture large volume of higher-quality crown and bridge models with fewer remakes. Leverage realistic color models to improve color matching of restorations with increased accuracy. ​

3D printed orthodontics devices


Increase your lab capacity offering 3D printed indirect bonding trays or producing clear aligners from 3D printed arches in high-speed mode.

PolyJet Dental Resins​


Stratasys developed a unique portfolio of dental resins that delivers a significant value for each application. Our biocompatible resins are developed for printing at production speed while maintaining high accuracy. Resins cure during the printing cycle and do not require additional post-processing.​

Biocompatible VeroGlaze


생체적합성 MED610 재료로 의료 기기 프로토타입을 위한 단단하고 반투명한 부품을 창조하십시오.

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Biocompatible Clear

VeroGlaze (MED620)

업계 최고의 컬러 매칭을 위한 VeroGlaze(MED620), A2 쉐이딩의 불투명 소재. 베니어 트라이인 및 진단 왁스업에 이상적이며 최대 24시간 또는 구강 내 설치를 위해 의료용으로 승인되었습니다.

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Flexible Clear Biocompatible

생체적합성 MED625FLX

간접 본딩 트레이와 부드러운 인공 잇몸을 프린팅하기 위한 유연하고 투명한 소재.

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VeroDent PureWhite

VeroDent PureWhite DEN847™ ​

Bright white color photopolymer, intended for printing restorative and orthodontic models. ​

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Vero Magenta

Vero Magenta ​

Rigid translucent colored dental resins featuring high dimensional stability. Can be used to print red tinted dental models when combined with a core of VeroDent PureWhite​

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불투명한 Vero 소재(White, Black, Blue, Gray)로 놀라운 디테일과 안정성을 창조하십시오.

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PJ Technology

PolyJet Technology​

Photopolymer resins are jetted through fine nozzles onto a large build tray, as UV light cures layer by layer to build up the dental application or model. PolyJet 3D printing produces highly detailed, accurate parts with fine resolution. ​ In the field of dentistry, PolyJet printers enable users to jet more than one resin simultaneously producing several applications on the same build tray.

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Compare the J3 DentaJet

Leverage Stratasys’ smart digital workflow, unattended printing, fewer changeovers, and minimal post-processing to increase output while producing higher quality dental parts — all with unmatched accuracy​

  • 설명
  • 트레이 영역
  • 소재
  • 최대 재료
  • 카트리지 용량
  • Brochure
  • 설명 Compact PolyJet dental 3D printer​
  • 트레이 영역 1,174 cm2
  • 소재 MED620​
    VeroDent PureWhite, Vero Magenta​
  • 최대 재료 3 + Support​
  • 카트리지 용량 1.1kg
  • Brochure Download brochure
  • 설명 All cases on 1-tray, high-efficiency printer with a smaller footprint for all dental labs.
  • 트레이 영역 1,174 cm2
  • 소재 Biocompatible-Med620
    VeroDent PureWhite
    Vibrant colors (CYMW)
  • 최대 재료 5
  • 카트리지 용량 1.1kg
  • Brochure Download brochure

GrabCad Print - Simplify Dental Production​

Supporting all of Stratasys’ dental printers, GrabCAD Print streamlines the printing process with automatic support generation, fleet management, native CAD file support, real-time printer monitoring and more.

Step Up Dental Production​

Optimize your lab’s production capacity with Stratasys dental printers.​

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