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Origin One Transportation Guide

Expanding options for transportation OEMs.

3D printing can be an incredibly powerful solution to transportation OEMs’ growing problem: As more electrical components are used in vehicles, there is rapidly increasing demand for connectors, adapters, seals or other small parts that can be customized to a variety of needs. At the same time, release cycles are shrinking rapidly, and shipping is becoming more expensive.

3D printing parts offers true manufacturing flexibility for transportation OEMs. Achieve exceptional part quality and accuracy with materials designed for mechanical environments, 3D print parts on demand, reduce time-to part and save on costs. 

This solution guide covers: 

  • Why it's time for transportation OEMs and suppliers to adopt 3D printing for end-use parts.
  • Why companies are using Origin One to manufacture connectors and adapters.
  • Example parts printed on the Stratasys Origin One and recommended materials for tarnsportation applications.
  • Design principles for parts with thin walls, pinholes and high accuracy requirements.

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