Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

With Stratasys Insight Software there are so many features available to make your part build exactly how you want it on a Fortus system

The following steps show you how to build custom groups to change part porosity. Being able to easily create complex porosity with Insight software makes Fortus FDM machines a great choice for applications such as paper pulp molds and thermoforming molds. You can quickly create custom filters in Insight Software for these direct digital manufacturing applications.

Fortus Insight Software - Custom GroupsThe key to this filter is creating a constant air gap between sections. The other thing to address is the plastic roads in the filter needed to be exactly 0.019 inches thick. To achieve this, I needed to create a series of what is called "open curves".  Open curves are simply an extrusion path that doesn't close. 

Using Insight draw the desired open curve and copy it horizontally leaving the proper air gap between roads. Then apply custom groups to the open curves with the "open curve width" value set to the desired 0.019 inches. For the last step, copy the layer you created vertically to get the proper thickness and build the custom filter. The outcome should be perfect.  

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