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As universities seek to lead the way in cutting-edge academic research, attract and retain exceptional students, and provide valuable staff development opportunities, integrating additive manufacturing into the curriculum is proving hugely successful.  

Whether you're in engineering, design, physics, biology, chemistry, fashion or medicine, 3D printing offers new opportunities to rapidly prototype components and create innovative solutions.   

Explore our extensive portfolio to gain a comprehensive insight into the distinct advantages and capabilities offered by the latest 3D printing technologies.  

In this webinar, educators and researchers will uncover how these latest technologies can elevate your students’ educational journey and pave the way for ground-breaking research opportunities. 


  1. In-depth understanding of Stratasys 3D printing solutions   

  2. Learn how to select the right 3D printing technology for your needs   

  3. Practical applications and benefits of 3D printing for education and research   

  4. Overview of available materials for 3D printing   

  5. Examples of 3D printing use cases and applications