Engineering the Onewheel Experience

When was the last time you bought a physical product that delivered an awesome experience? If you’re a Onewheel rider, you probably know the answer. Onewheel is a personal electric transportation vehicle that looks something like a powered skateboard, but feels much more like snowboarding on fresh powder. It’s the creation of Kyle Doerksen, founder of Future Motion and inventor of Onewheel. “I grew up in western Canada and I loved that floaty feeling of snowboarding on powder and I wanted to have that experience while riding around town.”

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Functional testing the carbon-fiber nylon side rails on the Onewheel.

“When it came to building Onewheel, one of the things I was excited about was that we could actually use 3D printing to make components that we could bolt onto a Onewheel and test ride right away.”

Kyle Doerksen, Future Motion