The leader in 3D printed medical innovation delivers the next generation of medical models.

  • Enhance physician training and education.
  • Recreate clinical scenarios to assist in medical device development.
  • Enable medical device OEMs access to patient anatomy for testing and validation of products.

None of the risks, accessibility and repeatability issues associated with cadavers and animals. Repeatable, complex pathology for training facilities.

Biomimics model

“Normally, if you make a mistake, you’re making it on a baby. Here’s an opportunity with 3D models to make the mistakes on the models . . . so when you perform on a baby, you’re already an expert.”

Dr. Glen Van Arsdell, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Case Studies and Additional Resources

Brain Balloon Inflated

Creating a Lifelike Vascular Environment

Learn how The Jacobs Institute 3D Prints Patient-Specific Models

Skull X-Ray image

Life-Saving Medical Innovation

3D printing solutions for medical allow you to move quickly from prototype to product with unmatched design freedom

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Precision in your hands.

The J750™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D Printer comes pre-programmed with a series of anatomical applications, developed in partnership with medical device manufacturers, world-class research institutions, hospitals and medical personnel. Accurate, realistic and functional, you can achieve the feel, behavior and dimensions of the real thing. And we’re only just beginning.

Discover the possibilities with 3D printed advanced medical models.

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