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Design Freedom and the Flexibility You Need

From jigs and fixtures to injection molds, forming tools and composites, get the design freedom and flexibility you want with the certified materials, strength and precision you need to speed production and get your products to market faster.

A 3D printed holding fixture maintains the position of an engine hose during assembly.

A 3D printed holding fixture maintains the position of an engine hose during assembly.

"Because FDM can produce accurate functional prototypes, we avoid about $60,000 in tooling cost per part by proving out the design before
committing to tooling."

Randy Larson, Supervisor R&D, Polaris

Manufacturing Tooling Solutions for Consumer Products

Injection Molding

Design validation for your 3D printed injection molded parts is no small matter when it comes to functional prototypes and low-volume manufacturing. Moldex3D is CAE software that allows for high-fidelity simulation of flow-front animation, mold temperature variation and distribution and stress concentration. Optimize the number of parts for printing by verifying the mold design before printing.

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Composite Tooling

Oreck uses 3D printed assembly fixtures to aid in the assembly of vacuum components, reducing their fixture production costs by up to 65%. Using standard CAD tools, the company is able to quickly design custom fixtures and bypass costly silicone or epoxy molds and urethane castings with inserts. The ability to quickly replace a damaged or worn fixture is another advantage to their in-house 3D printing capabilities.

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