Ideas Spawn Innovation. Prototypes Prove Them.

Prototyping with 3D healthcare printing solutions enable you to prove your ideas whenever inspiration strikes. From additively manufacturing functional parts, to creating patient-derived models for testing, to device production without tooling, Stratasys has the biocompatible materials and high-performance, sterilizable thermoplastics to turn your vision into reality.

3D printed medical valve

Design verification prototype of medical device tubing 3D printed in PolyJet Agilus30 material

“3D printing enables us to rapidly test innovative concepts by skipping design-for-manufacturing considerations. With the Objet 3D Printer, we can prioritize design intent and leverage on assembly consolidation for proof of concept.”

Andres Bernal, Biorep

Test Your Ideas

Concept Validation

Go beyond traditional words and CAD pictures with highly realistic 3D printed prototypes and gain early buy-in from customers and stakeholders before committing to costly production.

Fit Checks

Quickly check your design’s form and fit with mating parts using time-efficient, accurate 3D printed prototypes.

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Case Studies and Additional Resources

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Connex3 3D 프린터를 통해 Nidek Technologies는 프로토타입 Gonioscope에서 후가공 단계를 피할 수 있습니다.

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Multiple Benefits

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology used 3D printing to prototype new devices to treat neurological disorders.

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3D 프린팅이 Syqe Medical의 핵심 신조인 것은 최초의 용량 조절 메디컬 흡입기 개발로 입증되었습니다.

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