A 3D printed taillight prototype has red, clear and amber lenses.

FDM 열가소성 수지

산업용 재료를 사용하여 3D 프린터로 내구성 있는 부품 제작

FDM Technology는 사출 성형, CNC 기계 가공 및 기타 전통적인 제조 공정에 사용되는 동일한 강도와 안전성의 플라스틱으로 부품을 제작합니다. 테스트를 거쳐 인정받은 열가소성 수지를 사용하는 동안 3D 프린팅의 힘을 활용하십시오.

FDM Thermoplastics Other Items Spec Sheets and SDS

Material Spec Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Ecoworks Ecoworks English US
Ecoworks English UK
Ecoworks Bulgarian
Ecoworks Chinese
Ecoworks Czech
Ecoworks Danish
Ecoworks Dutch
Ecoworks Estonian
Ecoworks Finnish
Ecoworks French
Ecoworks German
Ecoworks Greek
Ecoworks Hungarian
Ecoworks Italian
Ecoworks Japanese
Ecoworks Korean
Ecoworks Latvian
Ecoworks Lithuanian
Ecoworks Norwegian
Ecoworks Polish
Ecoworks Portuguese
Ecoworks Romanian
Ecoworks Russian
Ecoworks Slovak
Ecoworks Slovenian
Ecoworks Spanish
Ecoworks Swedish 
Ecoworks Tablets Ecoworks Tablets English US
Ecoworks Tablets English UK
Ecoworks Tablets Bulgarian
Ecoworks Tablets Chinese
Ecoworks Tablets Czech
Ecoworks Tablets Danish
Ecoworks Tablets Dutch
Ecoworks Tablets Estonian
Ecoworks Tablets Finnish
Ecoworks Tablets French
Ecoworks Tablets German
Ecoworks Tablets Greek
Ecoworks Tablets Hungarian
Ecoworks Tablets Italian
Ecoworks Tablets Japanese
Ecoworks Tablets Korean
Ecoworks Tablets Latvian
Ecoworks Tablets Lithuanian
Ecoworks Tablets Norwegian
Ecoworks Tablets Polish
Ecoworks Tablets Portuguese
Ecoworks Tablets Romanian
Ecoworks Tablets Russian
Ecoworks Tablets Slovak
Ecoworks Tablets Slovenian
Ecoworks Tablets Spanish
Ecoworks Tablets Swedish
Wax & Elastomer Elastomer E20 Model English US
Elastomer E20 Support English US
P1500 Genisys Wafer Model English US
Foundation Foam Foundation Foam English US
Foundation Foam Czech
Foundation Foam Danish
Foundation Foam Dutch
Foundation Foam Finnish
Foundation Foam French
Foundation Foam German
Foundation Foam Greek
Foundation Foam Hungarian
Foundation Foam Italian
Foundation Foam Norwegian
Foundation Foam Polish
Foundation Foam Slovenian
Foundation Foam Spanish
Foundation Foam Swedish 
P400-SC Waterworks Soluble Concentrate P400 SC WaterWorks English US
P400 SC WaterWorks English UK
P400 SC WaterWorks Bulgarian
P400 SC WaterWorks Chinese
P400 SC WaterWorks Czech
P400 SC WaterWorks Danish
P400 SC WaterWorks Dutch
P400 SC WaterWorks Estonian
P400 SC WaterWorks Finnish
P400 SC WaterWorks French
P400 SC WaterWorks German
P400 SC WaterWorks Greek
P400 SC WaterWorks Hungarian
P400 SC WaterWorks Italian
P400 SC WaterWorks Japanese
P400 SC WaterWorks Korean
P400 SC WaterWorks Latvian
P400 SC WaterWorks Lithuanian
P400 SC WaterWorks Norwegian
P400 SC WaterWorks Polish
P400 SC WaterWorks Portuguese
P400 SC WaterWorks Romanian
P400 SC WaterWorks Russian
P400 SC WaterWorks Slovak
P400 SC WaterWorks Slovenian
P400 SC WaterWorks Spanish
P400 SC WaterWorks Swedish 
Plastic Modeling Base Plastic Modeling Base English US
Plastic Modeling Base English UK
Plastic Modeling Base Bulgarian
Plastic Modeling Base Chinese
Plastic Modeling Base Czech
Plastic Modeling Base Danish
Plastic Modeling Base Dutch
Plastic Modeling Base Estonian
Plastic Modeling Base Finnish
Plastic Modeling Base French
Plastic Modeling Base German
Plastic Modeling Base Greek
Plastic Modeling Base Hungarian
Plastic Modeling Base Italian
Plastic Modeling Base Japanese
Plastic Modeling Base Korean
Plastic Modeling Base Latvian
Plastic Modeling Base Lithuanian
Plastic Modeling Base Norwegian
Plastic Modeling Base Polish
Plastic Modeling Base Portuguese
Plastic Modeling Base Romanian
Plastic Modeling Base Russian
Plastic Modeling Base Slovak
Plastic Modeling Base Slovenian
Plastic Modeling Base Spanish
Plastic Modeling Base Swedish 
Smoothing Station Fluid and Bead Blasting Smoothing Station Fluid English US
Bead Blasting Media English US
Polyhard Type II Bead Media English US
Ultem Build Sheet ULTEM Build Sheet English US
ULTEM Build Sheet English UK
ULTEM Build Sheet Bulgarian
ULTEM Build Sheet Chinese
ULTEM Build Sheet Czech
ULTEM Build Sheet Danish
ULTEM Build Sheet Dutch
ULTEM Build Sheet Estonian
ULTEM Build Sheet Finnish
ULTEM Build Sheet French
ULTEM Build Sheet German
ULTEM Build Sheet Greek
ULTEM Build Sheet Hungarian
ULTEM Build Sheet Italian
ULTEM Build Sheet Japanese
ULTEM Build Sheet Korean
ULTEM Build Sheet Latvian
ULTEM Build Sheet Lithuanian
ULTEM Build Sheet Norwegian
ULTEM Build Sheet Polish
ULTEM Build Sheet Portuguese
ULTEM Build Sheet Romanian
ULTEM Build Sheet Russian
ULTEM Build Sheet Slovak
ULTEM Build Sheet Slovenian
ULTEM Build Sheet Spanish
ULTEM Build Sheet Swedish 
FDM Nylon 12 Build Sheets Nylon 12 Build Sheet English US
Nylon 12 Build Sheet English GB
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Bulgarian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Chinese
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Czech
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Danish
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Dutch
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Estonian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Finnish
Nylon 12 Build Sheet French
Nylon 12 Build Sheet German
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Greek
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Hungarian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Italian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Japanese
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Korean
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Latvian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Lithuanian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Norwegian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Polish
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Portuguese
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Romanian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Russian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Slovak
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Slovenian
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Spanish
Nylon 12 Build Sheet Swedish 

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